As the name might imply, Blendtec knows blenders. The Blendtec Total Blender is also well named, as it is, in many ways, the final word on home blenders. Its abilities allow you to replace, as Blendtec says, up to nine other kitchen appliances. It's powerful, fast, easy, attractive, and space saving when you let it take the place of other counter-cluttering machines. At Harvest Essentials, we offer the improved version of the Blendtec Total blender, The Blendtec Hp3A, for well under the retail price, every day.

At 1500 watts, the Blendtec HP3A offers you more power than any other blender on the market. It's also more advanced in how it works. It uses a panel of simple electronic buttons, which Blendtec calls their Smart-Touch tec-nology. You can choose whole cycles instead of manually running your blender and guessing when the blending is complete.

Make Just about Anything with the Blendtec HP3A - better than the Total Blender
Fans of the Blendtec Total blender love that it can make everything from margaritas to soups, salsas, cappuccinos, sauces, ice cream, breads, and more. The Blendtec HP3A builds upon the great functions of the Total Blender by including 24 pre-programmed settings rather than the 6 that the Total Blender includes. You'll be amazed by how many things you can make easily in the Blendtec HP3A. To make it even easier, the blender comes with a recipe book featuring over 100 ideas. Not only that, but the HP3A adds Red and Coffee as available colors in addition to the Black and White that the Total Blender offers.

Contact our Harvest Essentials customer service representatives to answer any and all of your questions on this amazing blender. We'll help you decide if it's just what you need, if it has too much power, or not enough. Our range of blenders includes the perfect machine for every consumer and commercial customer.