The BlendTec HPA blender used to go by the name K-Tec HP3 Champ 1500-watt blender, and was always a terrific blender. With the name changed to BlendTec, a number of great new features have been added. Harvest Essentials is your one-stop source for excellent juicers and blenders such as the BlendTec HPA blender. We offer our entire inventory at everyday discount prices.

This sophisticated blender features an LED menu for easy use. In fact, the 25 pre-programmed full cycles let you hit one button for your favorite drinks, and then simply walk away while the blender does the job for you. You can even program your four most used blending cycles in the four "speed dial" buttons on the blender.

The Power behind the BlendTec HPA Blender
The BlendTec HPA blender is so powerful that it comes with an Ice Crushing Guarantee. That power comes from the three horsepower, 1500-watt motor. The 29,000 RPM blade action means that the blending is outstanding, no matter the setting and what's inside the jar. To find out even more about the BlendTec HPA blender, talk to one of our Harvest Essentials juicer consultants today.

We're available by clicking the "Live Chat" button on our website, or by phone at our toll-free number. We offer so many options for blenders it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the perfect model. Let us help you narrow down your choices. Plus, regardless of the one you pick, you'll get a great discount and fast, free shipping to the continental U.S.