At Harvest Essentials, part of our mission is to provide products for consumers to prepare healthy food and drinks at home. We only carry the best products from top manufacturers. Among them is BlendTec. Formerly K-Tec, BlendTec specializes in blenders and they pride themselves on designing innovative products. The BlendTec home model we offer is a perfect example of this.

The BlendTec HP3A is also known as the BlendTec home blender, but you may be surprised by all of its professional capabilities. The 25 pre-set blending cycles allow you to make everything from smoothies to soup, ice cream, bread mixes, ground coffee, grated cheese, baby food, and more. You may find that your blender will become the central kitchen appliance you use.

The BlendTec Home Blender for Maximum Nutrition
The 1500-watt, three horsepower BlendTec Home blender allows for complete nutrient retrieval as it can rip apart not only the flesh of fruits and vegetables, but also the seeds, stems, stalks and rinds for their complete nutritional value. This blender normally retails for nearly $500--but not at Harvest Essentials. In fact, we have a price so low that we can't even publish it on the Internet.

Harvest Essentials saves you even more money on all your favorite home kitchen health machines by offering free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, and will work to ensure that your ordering process occurs as smoothly as possible.