Blendtec has been making the world's finest blenders for years. Among commercial establishments, the BlendTec name has a solid reputation world wide. But did you know that BlendTec also makes household blenders? BlendTec's household blender models were formerly known by the name K-Tec, but now the household blenders share the BlendTec name with the commercial blenders. Whether for commercial or household use, BlendTec blenders feature enormous power, as well as elegant style and solid engineering design. Harvest Essentials offers BlendTec promotions that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

With it's touch-and-go feature, BlendTec bledners make any blending chore bliss. Just select what type of drink or food you wish to prepare from the convenient LED menu, and walk away while it performs the optimal pre-programmed blending cycle. The 3 peak horsepower motor lets you blend ice, drinks, and smoothies, or grind and chop foods easily in the blender. Plus you can make soups, grind grain into flour, or even make ice cream!

BlendTec Blenders for Discerning Home Chefs
For household gourmet chefs, Blend Tec offers the hign-end HP3-A Total Home Blender with a 1500-watt, three peak horsepower motor. This isn't your mother's blender with it's super strenght and high-tech computer controlled features. The BlendTec HP3-A is easily among the most powerful blenders for household use. The BlendTec Total Home Blender even allows you to pre-set your four favorite pre-programmed cycles to its four "speed dial" buttons. After using the bledner for the first time, you'll wonder how you ever lived without this versatile and powerful home blender

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