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After many years of mediocre quality, finally there have been recent enhancements for professional blenders made for commercial use, such as for bars, restaurants, smoothie shops, and juice establishments. Blenders are now designed to be even more efficient, even more powerful, and even quieter than in previous times. We at Harvest Essentials offer a variety of models that make perfect bar blenders.

Among blender makers, BlendTec makes a variety of powerful and easy-to-use commercial blenders that are guaranteed to get even the toughest blending jobs done. BlendTec makes both household anc commercial blenders, all of which pack powerful motors with at least 3 peak horsepower, or more. BlendTec blenders can be found in many bars, restaurants, and smoothie businesses already. The base comes with a 64-ounce carafe, with extra carages available so you can move from one blending job to another with ease.

Bar Blenders from VitaMix
Another top-quality blending company is VitaMix. VitaMix commercial blenders compare admirably to the Blendtec blenders. The VitaMix commercial blender models are exceptional smoothie and bar blenders designed to efficiently handle all you can dish out. Their two-plus horsepower blending motors spin the blade at 37,000 RPM's, fast enough to smooth ice into snow. VitaMix commercial blenders are rated among the highest blenders available from Harvest Essentials. As a drink business operator, you won't want to be without a VitaMix.

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