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Reference Articles

Bar Blenders

After many years of mediocre quality, finally there have been recent enhancements for blenders made for commercial use, such as for bars, restaurants, smoothie shops, and juice establishments. Blenders are now designed to be even more efficient, even more powerful, and even quieter than in previous times. We at Harvest Essentials offer a variety of models that make perfect bar blenders.

Blendtec Blenders
Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec has been making the world's finest blenders for years. Among commercial establishments, the BlendTec name has a solid reputation world wide. But did you know that BlendTec also makes household blenders? BlendTec's household blender models were formerly known by the name K-Tec, but now the household blenders share the BlendTec name with the commercial blenders. Whether for commercial or household use, BlendTec blenders feature enormous power, as well as elegant style and solid engineering design. Harvest Essentials offers BlendTec promotions that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Blendtec Commercial Blender

The BlendTec name is well known among owner of smoothie bars, coffee shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and other businesses that need exceptional performance reliability from a blender. BlendTec commercial blenders can be seen in operation in many food service businesses around the world. The power and efficiency of BlendTec commercial blenders is indispensable for your business.

BlendTec Home Blender

At Harvest Essentials, part of our mission is to provide products for consumers to prepare healthy food and drinks at home. We only carry the best products from top manufacturers. Among them is BlendTec. Formerly K-Tec, BlendTec specializes in blenders and they pride themselves on designing innovative products. The BlendTec home model we offer is a perfect example of this.

BlendTec HPA Blender

The BlendTec HPA blender used to go by the name K-Tec HP3 Champ 1500-watt blender, and was always a terrific blender. With the name changed to BlendTec, a number of great new features have been added. Harvest Essentials is your one-stop source for excellent juicers and blenders such as the BlendTec HPA blender. We offer our entire inventory at everyday discount prices.

BlendTec HP3A Better than the Total Blender

As the name might imply, BlendTec knows blenders. The BlendTec Total Blender is also well named, as it is, in many ways, the final word on home blenders. Its abilities allow you to replace, as BlendTec says, up to nine other kitchen appliances. It's powerful, fast, easy, attractive, and space saving when you let it take the place of other counter-cluttering machines. At Harvest Essentials, we offer the BlendTec Total blender for well under the retail price, every day.

Brushed Steel Blender

Among the trendy modern looks for kitchen appliances, brushed stainless steel is perhaps the most popular. Manufacturers have finally caught up with discerning consumers' taste for counter-top appliances that continue a sleek, contemporary look and feel in the kitchen. At Harvest Essentials, we carry many of these items for the kitchen, often at spectacular discounts that, in many cases, you won't find anywhere else online.

Buy Champion Juicer

When looking for a juicer, you want to find one with enough power to easily squeeze the juice from any fruit or vegetable you put into it. You want to buy a juicer that can press all of the pulp, until every last drop of juice is squeezed out. You should also look for a juicer that is simple to use, versatile, and quick to clean.

Buy Omega Juicer

Omega has created many different juicers over the years, featuring a number of different juicing methods. The masticating (think of chewing or eating) juicer sends the produce over a single auger (like a drill bit with teeth) to chew through food. As the food is repeatedly crushed and pressed, the juice is extracted and flows into a juice pitcher resting at the end of the appliance.

Centrifugal Juicers

Every time you slice an orange or lemon with a knife, you are sure to see a certain amount of juice spilling out. The more you slice the orange, the more juice you create. Centrifugal juicers use a similar cutting technique to create juice, except that it's on a larger level. A blade in the juicer spins at thousands of RPMs to cut the orange, or other produce, into tiny pieces, releasing most of the juice.

Champ HP3 Blender

No longer known as the Champ HP3 blender from K-Tec, the HP3-A 1500 three-horsepower blender from BlendTec is the updated and improved version of this already great machine. The new LED control panel lets you actually choose your blending cycles. With one touch, the job is done! The smart controls take care of all the nuances for making perfect drinks, soups, sauces, and more.

Champion 2000 Juicer

The Champion 2000 Juicer has become very popular because it has many of the best features people are looking for. First of all, the Champion 2000 does not have any complicated bolts, nuts or clamps for you to put in place. Within a few seconds of pulling your new juicer from its box, you will be able to create juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Champion Commercial Juicers

With the increasing awareness of the relationship between health and diet, there is more of a demand for natural food items. Juicing has become a popular way for individuals to maintain a healthy diet. Some things to consider when choosing a commercial juicer include its efficiency, its versatility, its speed, its durability and its price.

Champion Household Juicer

If you are interested in preparing your own food, you will enjoy all the benefits the Champion Household Juicer has to offer. This durable juicer has been built to make it easier to maintain a natural diet, offering such useful benefits as efficiency, ease of use, versatility and durability. Best of all--it's very affordable.

Champion Juice Extractor

When you compare juicers, you can easily tell the difference when you look at the juice they produce. If the juice is full of rich, dark colors, you know that the juicer is giving you the most nutrients possible. Also, look at the pulp left over after juicing. The pulp should be pale in color. In fact, the paler the pulp, the more nutrients in the juice. The Champion juice extractor does exactly that.

Champion Juicer Grain Mill Attachment

Whole grains are a rich source of fiber and may help prevent certain cancers. They are also a good source of antioxidants, minerals, protein and vitamins. If you have ever had an interest in grinding your own grains, then the Champion Juicer Grain Mill attachment is for you.

Champion Juicers

Fresh food enthusiasts will love Champion juicers. These masticating juicers chew through fruits and vegetables to squeeze out as many vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals as possible. This results in a pale pulp residue, letting you know that most of what you need is in the rich dark juice.

Commercial Bar Blenders

Commercial bar blenders are now more powerful than ever, allowing bartenders to work faster, more efficiently, and with less noise and interruption. At Harvest Essentials, blenders are one of our specialties, particularly those built for commercial use. Among our favorites are the BlendTec Smoother commercial bar blender and the VitaMix Drink Machine.

Commercial Blenders

For the best selection and best prices on commercial blenders, don't head to the big box stores that carry everything under the sun. Instead, head to the experts in kitchen nutrition juicers, blenders, and more: Harvest Essentials. We serve thousands of bars, restaurants, cafes, juice bars, smoothie stands, and other establishments that need top quality blenders and the knowledge and service to back them up.

Commercial Citrus Juicers

Years ago, a new trend started in health conscious parts of the United States--freshly squeezed juice. The juice bar phenomenon has since caught on and has spread throughout the US and beyond. In fact, entire cookbooks devoted to various types of juiced fruits, vegetables and grasses can now be found in local bookstores and libraries.

Commercial Fruit Juicer

When you are looking for a commercial fruit juicer, think about how the juicer will be used. If you will only juice fruit, you have many different options to choose from. You can choose from a centrifugal juicer, a single gear juicer or a double gear juicer.

Commercial Juice Extractors

The difference between household juice extractors and commercial juice extractors are numerous. Household juice extractors are made of a combination of stainless steel, plastic, nylon and other inexpensive materials. Commercial units are made out of stainless steel parts for all aspects of the juicer, from the gears to the bowl.

Commercial Juice Maker

When choosing a commercial grade juice maker, it's essential to choose the one that serves your business's specific needs. For instance, smoothie bars require a different commercial juice maker than a wheatgrass stand or a restaurant kitchen. Each commercial juice maker on the market offers a specific type of juicing ability, volume, and design.

Commercial Juicers

Whether you operate a small wheatgrass stand or a high-traffic juice bar, your juicer is obviously a critical piece of equipment. It must work efficiently and serve your precise juicing needs. At Harvest Essentials, we carry one of the broadest selections of commercial juicers from the industry's top manufacturers.

Commercial Orange Juicer

Nothing can replace the exquisite taste of fresh orange juice, and quality cafes and restaurants understand this. In fact, a tall glass of orange juice brings a healthy profit margin, as well as a healthy customer. The key, however, is having a workhorse of an orange juicer built for the commercial market. At Harvest Essentials, we carry several models of citrus-specific juicers that meet our high standards, and are sure to meet yours as well.

Commercial Smoothie Blender

Commercial smoothie machines are appearing more readily on the market these days as the smoothie business continues to thrive. The choices are wide-ranging as can the quality. Make sure you invest in commercial smoothie machines that will work hard for your business reliably and efficiently for years to come. Harvest Essentials is your one-stop resource for such products.

Commercial Smoothie Machines

Over the last ten years, the smoothie has become one of the best-selling commercial eatery drinks on the market. In fact, the public has grown to expect this drink option at an increasing number of dine-in establishments. That's why, more than ever, it pays to have a high quality, quiet-running, commercial smoothie blender.

Discount Blenders

Finding blenders at a discount isn't that hard these days. However, finding a focused selection of top quality blenders at deep everyday discounts can be. Fortunately, at Harvest Essentials we supply both consumers and commercial enterprises with exceptional blenders, juicers, and other helpful kitchen products at discount prices every day.

Discount Champion Juicer

Years ago, people used manual juicers to extract the juice from all types of citrus. These metal or plastic juicers required the user to press the citrus up against the juicer and twist the fruit. Needless to say, it would take a lot of work to create a few ounces of orange juice every morning. The amount of juice you create with a manual juicer is in direct proportion to the amount of strength you have to force the citrus on the juicer.

Drink Blenders

Ever try to crush ice with a low-quality blender? A party can come to a grinding halt--literally--if you don't have the right kind of drink blender. At Harvest Essentials, we carry several exceptional blenders designed specifically to handle non-stop drink blending, whether at the occasional margarita party, or all day at a commercial smoothie operation.

Electric Blenders

In the world of kitchen appliances, electric blenders are critical machines that reflect a wide range of quality. At Harvest Essentials, we have pared down the electric blender choices we offer so that we carry only well-designed and well-built models from reputable manufacturers. We then offer these models to our consumer and commercial customers with deep discounts.

Food Blenders

Today's food blenders offer more power, speed, and flexibility than ever. In fact, purchase the right one and you may find yourself replacing food processors, graters, coffee grinders, bread makers, and more. Harvest Essentials offers you a focused selection of the machines that we consider the best food blenders on the market. Each one is offered at a discounted price, so take advantage of a smart selection at the right price.

Fruit And Vegetable Juicers

If you've done any research on fruit and vegetable juicers, you may know that not all of them are created equal. Though most juicers on the market from trusted manufacturers work well, they are often built for a specialty. This may be a specific fruit or citrus, or a particular vegetable, or even wheatgrass. If you're looking for juicers that work equally well on both fruit and vegetable sources, Harvest Essentials offers one of the broadest choices you'll find.

Green Power Juicer

The Green Power Juicer falls into the category of juicers with twin gears. Twin gears means that there are two gears that work together to squeeze the juice out of your vegetable or fruit. Both gears are the same size and length, and they spin in opposite directions with the fruit or vegetable between them.

Green Star 1000 Juicer

The Green Star 1000 juicer is the entry-level auger juicer for the well-known Green Star brand. The twin gear technology first made by Green Star is in the 1000 system. It operates at a powerful yet quiet 110 RPMs. The 1000 can process fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and even nuts to make all kinds of juices, sauces, baby foods, piecrusts and more.

Green Star 2000 Juicer

So you want to improve your diet but find it difficult to eat those green vegetables? No problem. Consider buying a juicer. Juicers make it easier for you to "eat" your vegetables. They are very efficient in stripping off the nutrients contained in the fibers of the produce along with the juice. When you are ready to purchase a juicer, consider the Green Star 2000. At Harvest Essentials, we recommend this juicer for its many useful features.

Green Star 3000 Juicer

The Green Star line of juicers is among the best available on the market. Every juicer in the line operates at a low RPM with twin gears. The juicers are versatile, durable, easy to use and simple to clean. If you are considering purchasing the Green Star 3000 Juicer, you may be wondering what the difference is between this juicer and the others in the Green Star line. The main difference is that it includes a number of extra parts.

Green Star Gold Juicer

Juicing is not a trend--it is a healthy way of living. You can contain several servings of fruit or vegetables in a single glass, making your intake of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes fast and easy. The Green Star Gold Juicer makes it simple to make juicing a daily part of your life.

Green Star Juice Extractor

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a Green Star juice extractor is the cellular cleansing it can help with. The cells in your body undergo constant changes, with old cells dying and new cells being created all of the time. The nutrients found in juice quickly pass through your digestive system and into your body where they can provide help on a cellular level.

Green Star Juicers

If you are looking for a juicer that is versatile enough to produce more than juice, then you may want to choose from the Green Star line of Juicers. At Harvest Essentials, we carry the Green Star 1000, 2000 and 3000 Deluxe. These juicers are at the top of the line and are extremely versatile. They produce more juice than other juicers, juice wheatgrass, make nut butters and even make homogenized baby food.

Green Star Twin Gear Juicer

When compared to other juicers, independent laboratories have found that twin gear technology has the ability to retain 50 to 200 percent higher concentrations of minerals, such as iron, zinc and calcium, as compared to other juicer technologies. The slow and powerful twin gears reduce damage to juice caused by heat from a fast moving motor and fast spinning blades.

Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 is the top of the line Green Star Juicer recently introduced by Tribest under the well-known Green Star brand. The 3-stage Jumbo Twin Gear technology used in the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 is new to the Green Star line and improves on the performance of the original 2-stage twin gear first made by Green Star in the 1000, 2000, 3000 and Gold systems.

Green Star vs Green Star Elite Juicers

The new Green Star Elite brings a multitude of new features, great looks, and improved performance over the standard Green Star Twin Gear Juicers. We strive to point out how the Elite improves upon an already very solid juicer in the Green Star.

Industrial Blenders

When blender drinks are your livelihood, your business needs industrial blenders that are up to the task. Whether you're mixing smoothies or pina coladas, your blender and any back-up blenders must have the horsepower and components that you can count on to perform day after day. At Harvest Essentials, blenders are one of our several specialties, and due to popular demand, our selection skews toward industrial grade products.

Industrial Juicers

If you operate a smoothie stand or juice bar, you know there's a big difference between a juicer that gets used in the home once a week, and industrial juicers that must perform virtually non-stop every day that a business is open. At Harvest Essentials, we carry an enormous selection of both consumer and industrial juicers. We keep our prices close to wholesale and shipping is always free in the continental U.S.

Kitchen Blenders

Once consumers are willing to enter the blender market at a certain price point, kitchen blenders become amazingly powerful and multi-faceted. At Harvest Essentials, we love to help consumers get even better quality kitchen blenders than they thought possible, by keeping our prices discounted every single day. Our selection of kitchen blenders includes only those that we believe are well-built, cost-efficient choices.

Lequip 110.5 Juicer

Any juicer you are considering for purchasing should be able to process pulp properly. Pulp that is not properly handled can clog up the juicer and cause delays in getting to drink your favorite concoctions. L'Equip came up with a design that removes the pulp from the juicing process quickly and efficiently so it does not cause problems in the gears. The Pulp Ejector system moves pulp upward and then forces the pulp out the back of the juicer and into a waste container.

Lequip 221 Juicer

The L'Equip 221 juicer has become one of the most popular juicers created by L'Equip. The developers of the 221 included many innovations to give customers an opportunity to create great tasting juices quickly and easily. The 221 model reduces the amount of foam created while juicing by using lower RPMs than most other pulp ejection juicers.

Lequip 228 Blender

The L'Equip 228 900-watt blender is a blender for those who like a powerful machine that looks exquisite on the counter. The unique brushed stainless steel of the 228's base gives it a sleek modern look, and the built in tachometer is both a useful and fun feature. Great for everything from daiquiris to mayonnaise, you'll love the versatility and power of the L'Equip 228.

Lequip 509 Visor Juicer

Unlike the 221 and 110.5 models of L'Equip juicers, the 509 model juicer does not use spinning blades to chop up produce, which is then squeezed to remove the juice. The 509 Visor makes use of a slow spinning, 100 RPMs auger to grind up and squeeze all of the juice from your produce. Lower RPMs means conservation of nutrients and minerals, and less oxidation of your juice.

Lequip Blenders

Known for their excellent juicers, the brand L'Equip has now entered the blender arena in a big way. Their blenders combine serious power with exquisite style, so you'll be proud to display l'Equip blenders on the counter. At Harvest Essentials, we carry the L'Equip Model 228 RPM blender, which features a 900-watt motor and a beautifully designed look.

Lequip Juicers

L'Equip juicers cover a wide range of juicing needs. If you love the taste of freshly squeezed oranges or grapes, you can purchase L'Equip juicers made specifically for juicing citrus. Not having to spend money on features that you don't need can save you quite a bit of money on your juicer purchase. A mini juicer, for example, can provide the fruit juice you need, take up little space on your countertop and last for many years.

Lequip Mini Juicer

The L'Equip mini juicer is perfect single individuals or couples that want the nutritional benefits of juicing. Many diseases are caused by a lack of proper nutrition. Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Instead of popping vitamins and man made pills, it is always better to get the vitamins and minerals you need straight from the source.

Lequip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer

Pulp happens. Every time you juice produce you will have some amount of leftover particles. How your juicer deals with these leftovers (pulp) and whether or not it ends up in your glass of juice depends on how your juicer processes the pulp. The L'Equip mini pulp ejector juicer model 110.5 uses a specially designed system to remove the pulp from the produce so it does not end up in your glass.

Lequip Pulp Ejector Juicer

The L'Equip pulp ejector juicer uses centrifugal force to create juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables. When you put the produce in the juicer, it is met with a stainless steel blade spinning very fast that pushes the juice and pieces of the produce outward. You can compare this to a food processor with a blade installed. When you chop an onion or anything else, you can see the onion pieces being chopped and thrown to the outer edges of the container on the processor.

Lequip Visor Juicer

The L'Equip Visor juicer is one of the most versatile juicers available on the market. This juicer does not use blades, like the 110.5 and 221 models, but instead uses a single grinding auger to chew the food and grind out all of the juice possible. The auger on the Visor rotates extremely slowly to keep the temperature of the produce low and to preserve the nutrients inherent to the produce you are juicing.

Manual Wheatgrass Juicers

Manual wheatgrass juicers offer users not just an affordable method for extracting wheatgrass juice, but also a sense of accomplishment at having produced it themselves. Simpler, less expensive, and devoid of electrical parts, manual wheatgrass juicers are a popular choice among wheatgrass fans. At Harvest Essentials, we're happy to offer several from which to choose.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers work on the principle of mastication or chewing. Instead of simply pressing or spinning fruits and vegetables to release the juice, masticating juicers can chew at the fruit, pulp, stalk, and rind to extract the highest level of nutrients possible. At Harvest Essentials, we find that some of our most health-conscious customers choose masticating juicers over any other type of juicer.

Miracle Wheatgrass Juicers

Miracle is the name to know when it comes to wheatgrass juicers. At Harvest Essentials, we've made a commitment to wheatgrass juice drinkers by carrying an enormous selection of them, including three from Miracle. The company covers the spectrum with their wheatgrass juicers, from simple consumer models to professional-level juicers.

Omega 02 Juicer

The Omega 02 juicer is a smaller version of the model 4000. It's the perfect choice for people looking for a good juicer on a smaller scale. This centrifugal style of juicer uses a blade spinning at a speed of up to 6200 RPMs to turn your favorite fruits and vegetables into healthy drinks quickly. The "feed chute" allows a considerable amount of juice to leave the chopping chamber quickly, so you can fill your glass with juice without wait.

Omega 1000 Juicer

The Omega 1000 juicer is a step up from the 500 model. While the 500 uses a plastic bowl where the produce is processed, the 1000 model makes use of a strong stainless steel bowl. The stainless steel bowl eliminates stain problems and is easier to clean than plastic. Also, with steel you can be sure that there will be less chance of bacteria buildup.

Omega 4000 Juicer

When you were in school, you learned all about different types of foods and how many servings of each type is required for a healthy diet. Many people forget about the food pyramid and fail to get all of the nutrition possible in any given day. In fact, on average, Americans do not eat a single serving of fruit on most days.

Omega 8003 Juicer

The Omega 8003 juicer makes use of the masticating method to grind food to a pulp. A single auger spins slowly and deliberately, sucking produce through the processor at optimum speed to get as much juice as possible. The slow speed helps the produce stay close to its original temperature. If you want to drink a cold glass of apple juice, for example, simply grab an apple or two from the refrigerator and juice it in the 8003.

Omega 8005 Juicer

In recent years, numerous health benefits have been discovered through drinking the natural juices derived from wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is a great source for living chlorophyll, which is the basis of all plant life. Chlorophyll assists the body in getting rid of various kinds of harmful bacteria and toxins. Chlorophyll also promotes healing in the body, both internally and externally.

Omega 9000 Juicer

The Omega 9000 juicer is largely based on the very popular Omega 1000 model. The 1/3 horsepower induction motor spins the cutting blades at an optimum speed of 3,600 RPMs. The blades create a small tornado of juice inside the bowl. As the juice spins, it finds its way to the large juice chute on the exterior of the juicer and out into the juice pitcher.

Omega Juice Extractor

Omega makes juice extractors for everyone, no matter what your needs may be. If you want to purchase a juice extractor for the sole purpose of getting juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables, you should look at the centrifugal based juicers by Omega. These models are the 1000, 4000 and 9000. If you want to juice fruit on a smaller scale, consider the O2 juice extractor and pulp ejector model. The 5000 model is designed specifically to juice oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits on a large scale.

Omega Juicer Filters

Did you know that one of the most important aspects of any glass of juice you drink is the water? Yes, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are very important, but pure water is also an important aspect of any diet. Freshly squeezed juice is approximately 65 percent water. This is a very pure form of water because it has not gone through the processing plant of your local municipality, where all kinds of chemicals and harmful substances can be added directly or indirectly.

Omega Juicers

Enzymes are one of the most important building blocks in your body. They serve as the catalyst for hundreds of thousands of different chemical reactions for digestion, food absorption and food conversion. If your body does not have the proper amount of healthy enzymes, your body will not function at 100 percent and may leave you feeling tired and lifeless. While you may eat plenty of food, the enzymes will not be available to properly process the food to get the maximum energy and nutrients possible.

Omega Single Gear Juicers

Many people are turning to single gear juicers for a number of different reasons. Single gear juicers are more versatile than centrifugal juicers because they can usually juice more substances. A single gear juicer should be able to make a great glass of juice out of any fruit, any vegetable and any leafy green or grass you add to it. Single gear juicers create more juice from produce than a centrifugal based juicer. For example, you will get more juice from a large apple using a single gear juicer than from a centrifugal force based juicer.

Personal Blenders

When it comes to personal blenders, Tribest makes one of the very best. This combination blender and grinder is built for portability and power, so you can keep it tucked away at home for all of your blending needs. You can also take it on vacation, to friends' houses, to a picnic, or anywhere else you need on-the-spot blending and grinding capabilities.

Professional Bar Blender

No other establishment or kitchen anywhere depends more on the reliability of blenders than a professional bar. Those that feature blended and frozen drinks need to know that their blender will remain consistently powerful, relatively quiet, and easy to clean. For the best choice of professional bar blenders, choose Harvest Essentials. We feature VitaMix, BlendTec and other names that are famed for their professional kitchen machines.

Professional Blenders

For one of the biggest inventories of top-quality professional blenders, choose Harvest Essentials as your one-stop online source. We serve the commercial kitchens of the U.S. and beyond with a focused inventory of exceptional machines for hard-to-find low prices. Browse around our professional blenders page to see for yourself.

Restaurant Blenders

Today, restaurant blenders are used for many tasks. From blending drinks, sauces and salsas to grating cheese and grinding coffee, restaurant blenders have become so powerful that they can replace or serve as back up for numerous other kitchen appliances. At Harvest Essentials, we serve the restaurant industry around the country by providing some of the best restaurant and commercial blenders on the market, at everyday low prices.

Retro Blenders

Retro kitchen appliances have become all the rage in recent years as consumers embrace the value of good household design. Home chefs realize that kitchen appliances don't have to be purely functional and ugly, but rather can be sleek and modern, or funky and retro. The Waring Pro RPM blender model RB75 is a great example of funky retro chic that not only looks great, but also works beautifully.

RPM Blender

If you've heard mention of the so-called RPM blender, chances are it's the Pro RPM blender model RB75 from Waring. One of the most trusted names in consumer kitchen appliances produces this powerful yet affordable blender, and Harvest Essentials brings it to you for 33 percent off the retail price. It's a great way to get all the blending ability you need at home, without paying too much to get it.

Samson Juice Extractor

Before 1992, juicer choices were very limited. There were only a few companies making juicers and there were very few types to choose from. Curtis C. Choe was looking for a better juicer than the one he was using but could not find one that met his needs. Choe decided to design and create a more efficient juicer and the OSCAR single auger juicer was soon born.

Samson Juicers

Fiber is one of the most important parts of any diet, as it contributes to your body's waste management system. Many people go to the store to purchase man made fiber to help their body when they could get the same results by eating the proper amounts of fruit every day. The difficulty with eating fruit is that your body may not get all of the possible fiber available within it.

Samson Twin Gear Extractor

The Samson Twin Gear juice extractor makes use of the next generation of juicer technology. Before juicers, people had to smash and squish fruits to get to the precious juice within. Next, they would have to use various kinds of presses to squash fruits into submission. Lemons, oranges and other citrus-based fruits had to be processed with a specially designed juicer you press and twist the fruit on.

Samson Twin Gear Juicer

Cancer has become one of the biggest health problems in the US and beyond in recent decades. Combine an increased exposure to dangerous chemicals and carcinogens, and a less than healthy diet for many and you've got a recipe for problems. The National Cancer Institute advises people eat at least five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day. You can condense these eight servings of fruits and vegetables into a couple of different juice servings each day.

Samson Ultra Juicer

Samson juicers have been featured on NBC News because of the numerous health benefits associated with juicing. For years, people have used various mixtures of herbs, fruits and vegetables to settle a variety of physical ailments. Today, scientists are researching all of the different nutritional elements in various kinds of fruits and vegetables, looking for possible health benefits.

Single Gear Juicers

You may often hear single gear juicers referred to as masticating juicers. Based on a masticating or "chewing" mechanism, the single gear juicers are popular with real juice fans in that they provide high yield, high nutrient content, and low speed and noise. At Harvest Essentials, we carry single gear juicers built for a variety of needs.

Smoothie Blenders

Finding the right smoothie blenders doesn't have to be a chore when you come to Harvest Essentials. We've pre-selected all the best and most cost-effective models so you don't have to wade through any sub-par products. More frequently, blenders are being designed specifically for drinks such as the smoothie, making it even easier to get just the right model for the task.

Solo Star Juicer

Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest sources of nutrients because it contains amino acids, minerals, enzymes and fiber. It is also said to be good for the digestive system and the prevention of diseases like cancer and heart disease. Wheatgrass is usually ingested as a juice, but not all juicers are able to extract it. The Solo Star Juicer was made specifically to extract juice from wheatgrass, but it also works well with other vegetables and fruit.

Stainless Steel Blenders

If your kitchen tends toward the sleek stainless steel look, it's important that household appliances left on the counter continue the look and feel of the overall design. At Harvest Essentials, our blenders come in a wide-ranging spectrum of styles. Among our selection, several blenders prominently feature stainless steel as part of their design.

Stainless Steel Juicer

Almost every electric juicer uses a certain amount of stainless steel in its construction. Less expensive models of juicers typically have less stainless steel and more plastic or nylon pieces. Mid-level priced juicers have a mix of stainless steel and plastic or nylon. The best juicers, including those that are commercial grade, are made almost entirely out of stainless steel, from the outside housing to the inner mechanisms driving the juicer.

Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

The benefits of wheatgrass were first made popular in the 1960s, but only in recent years has it become easy enough to make wheatgrass juice at home. At Harvest Essentials, we're happy to carry seven different juicer models, including several stainless steel models, designed specifically for wheatgrass. We can help you choose the right one via our "Live Chat" feature anytime. This choice will depend on what features you want with your juicer.

Super Angel 3500 Juicer

The Super Angel 3500 juicer is a top of the line juicer made to provide many years of juice made from fruits, vegetables and difficult leafy greens such as wheatgrass and spinach. The 3500 uses stainless steel parts throughout the juicer. The twin augers are specially designed to provide two stages of grinding and pressing. Stage one provides pressure to squeeze out juice, and stage two grinds the pieces down into a fine liquid for consumption.

Super Angel Juicer

When you are looking for a quality juicer, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of pulp ejected from the juicer. If you are juicing something as simple as an orange, you will have some amount of pulp left over. If the pulp is wet and has a lot of color to it, the fruit has not been completely stripped of every last drop of juice. If the pulp is dry and pale, you have all of the juice possible.

Tribest Personal Blenders

Ever wish you had an easy, portable blender to bring on vacation? The Tribest personal blenders are just the answer, and all for a great low price. Harvest Essentials offers these great personal blenders for under $100.

Triturating Juicers

When working with tough fruit rinds or rigid stalks of leafy greens, it helps to have a triturating or twin-gear mechanism in a juicer. Tough cell walls of fruits and vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and watermelon rinds are full of beneficial nutrients that many regular centrifugal juicers will simply never be able to access. Triturating, however, involves twin jangs, or rollers, that press together with tremendous force to extract the most juice possible.

Twin Gear Juicers

Of all the juicers, twin gear juicers are top of the line. Twin gear juice machines completely crush fruits and vegetables, even breaking open sealed cell walls, releasing trapped vitamins and minerals. Twin gear juice extractors are also known as twin jang, or triturating juicers. These low-speed triturating gears run quietly and won't generate the levels of heat that most centrifugal juicers can. The low temperature operation preserves the juice's nutritional value. Additionally, the low rpm twin gear juicers don't generate nearly as much foaming and aeration as other juicers do. Aeration can oxidize the juice, making it spoil quickly. Therefore, without all of the aeration, juice extracted from a twin gear juicer can be stored for much longer than juice from high spead juicers.

Vitamix 4500 Blender

Not many blenders designed for the consumer kitchen can boast the ability to crush a half-gallon of ice in three seconds. However, the VitaMix 4500 blender can do this, in addition to just about any other blending task you ask of it. The VitaMix 4500 features a two-speed, two-plus peak horsepower motor that blends at up to 218 miles per hour.

Vita Mix 4500 Blender

Known for its flawless pureeing and blending abilities, the Vita Mix 4500 TurboBlend blender is commonly seen in both home and commercial environments. Serious home cooks and bakers love the Vita Mix 4500 blender for its consistency and ability to deliver quality results across the entire blending spectrum. This blender is also a true workhorse that proves itself with a five-year warranty.

Vitamix Blenders

VitaMix has long been synonymous with quality when it comes to blenders. Blenders are their specialty and they do them brilliantly, for both the discerning home chef, and the professional kitchen chef. At Harvest Essentials, we're proud to offer up to 40 percent off of retail prices on several of the top VitaMix blenders for these markets.

Vita Mix Blenders

One of the top names in blenders, Vita Mix offers a wide range of options, starting with high-end consumer-level blenders. Harvest Essentials is the best source on the Internet for Vita Mix blenders, which we offer at heavily discounted prices every day, coupled with free shipping within the continental United States. We also process orders immediately, so our customers usually see their Vita Mix blenders within days.

Vitamix Commercial Blender

The VitaMix name is well respected among chefs and other back-of-the-house prep professionals. In fact, the VitaMix Vita-Prep commercial blender and the VitaMix Drink Machine commercial blender have become staples in thousands of professional kitchens. At Harvest Essentials, we proudly serve thousands of restaurants, cafes and juice bars with outstanding blenders and juicers, including the VitaMix Vita Prep and Drink Machine commercial blenders.

Vita Mix Commercial Blender

Vita Mix is one of the top names for commercial blender technology. They understand how much blenders are used in modern commercial kitchens and cafes and have designed their machines accordingly. At Harvest Essentials, we carry two exceptional Vita Mix commercial blender options: the Vita Mix Vita-Prep commercial blender, and the Vita Mix Drink Machine Commercial blender. In fact, we offer each for up to 36 percent off the retail price, every day of the year.

Waring Pro Blender

If style is as important to your kitchen appliances as power, then you'll love the Waring Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender. At Harvest Essentials, we bring consumers this excellent entry-level blender for 33 percent off of the retail price every day. It looks great, works beautifully, and the price is right at Harvest Essentials.

Wheatgrass Juice Extractor

When looking for a wheatgrass juice extractor, there are a couple of initial choices to make. One is: do you want an automatic juice extractor, or a manual one? The other issue is: do you want to be able to leave your extractor out in your kitchen, or would you rather keep it out of sight and off of your counter? At Harvest Essentials, we offer a variety of different ways to get your wheatgrass juice at home. In every case, we strive to make it easy and affordable.

Wheatgrass Juicers

The benefits of wheatgrass are well known now among the health conscious. For those who would rather get their wheatgrass juice from their home kitchen than from an overpriced retail source, consumer wheatgrass juicers are the answer. At Harvest Essentials, we give you a healthy choice of brands and styles so you can stay healthy and save money, as well.

Wheatgrass - Nature's Superfood

Cereal grasses are some of earth's most ancient foods, yet have emerged as the world's newest nutritional wonders. One of these newly discovered wonders is Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass Juice has been called “Nature’s Superfood.”

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